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whats a good name for this game

I liked the colors of the game!


Thanks! :)

Hi Phillip, Great game and the source you released is awesome! One thing I could really use help with, in the Scene view I'm only seeing icons and outlines against a black screen. I've tried every option I can find, but can't see the sprites or tiles. What am I missing?  Thanks!

To make the game fade in from black I used a black UI image which fades out with an animation when the game starts (which is kind of a stupid but way to do it). Everything is basically blocked by this image so you need to disable it to see everything else

Haha, you know I saw that image and wondered what it was for, but then kind of dismissed it.  I should have looked a little closer!  Thanks for the reply!

Hey Philip, awesome game! I was just wondering how do you make your normal maps? I think they look really cool! I've tried to make some normal maps of my own but I cannot really get the same effect.

I used a super awesome program called Laigter (you can find it here

Hi Philip, Just saw your amazing work in this experience. I would love to learn more about how you achieved your projectile particle effect. There were so many small "juicy" effects that I wish I know how to use in this LD46 jam coming up this weekend.

I’m planning on making a short video on how I made the effects soon, but it won’t be out before Ludum dare unfortunately. But in a nutshell, I use multiple particle emitters (basically multiple particle effects layered) and then just mess around with the parameters of the effects a bunch until it looks decent. I’m also using post processing that with the lights add a lot to the overall effect. Good luck with LD46!

That would be super! I will look out for this.


I think this game is the most polished out of all 4. Is there any possibility you'll be releasing the source code?


Thanks! That could certainly be possible. Just need to clean it up a bit before I do as to not embarrass myself completely. 

I would provide a donation even in the state it is in. Don't be embarrass, you have not seen my T-SQL code that I do for a living and I have bee doing it for 20 years


You can now find the source here:

Sorry for the delay! I cleaned it up slightly but it's still a bit messy. I removed the sound just to be safe, as I think some of the sound effects I used were from a asset pack that I bought a while ago.

Hopefully you find it useful! :)

Not sure If you got notified by  the message further down in the thread so I'll just say it here as well. You can find the source here:

I didn't but I thought to revisit the conversation. Thank you so much for this. THANK YOU THANK YOU